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The story of Mahendra Garodiya and the Foundation of Business Sutras:-
Chanakya first inspired Mahendra Garodiya in his life when he was a young lad trying to make it in the world. In 1991 as he was pursuing his FYJC. Mahendra Garodiya had his heart set on becoming a teacher and that was due to Chanakya. He had seen a chanakya serial with the utmost fascination and the concept of the teacher, mentor, guide compelled him to take up professional teaching as a profession which he practiced till 2013. 
Chanakya’s words to Dhananda “Shikshak saadharan nahi hota, shikshak wo hota hai jiske god me pralay our nirman dono khelte hain”. 
He went from freelancing to running his own successful coaching classes and over the course of his 18 year career as a teacher he taught 21 subjects, and taught over 10,000 students and counseled as many families about career options. Some would consider it good work but Mr. Mahendra was never quite satisfied with it. Over this career he observed repeatedly what outcome his efforts were bringing and he was not satisfied with them. Society had several challenges and he was unable to positively affect society in a significant way. Many of his students would end up unemployed and forced to change fields. Creating Employment, Economic Development and Breakdown of Families were things which very closely related to him and he wanted to bring about solutions to these but he couldn’t as a coaching classes teacher. For the majority of his life he lived believing that Education was the way to bring the change but the work he was doing was too limited and structured in a way to produce only clerks and followers, not leaders and entrepreneurs. In what way could he use his talents to help the world and change the situation if not through the education system?Throughout this turbulent period in his life the one constant was his search for a solution. Being an avid reader and a skillful summarizer were skills that helped him in his profession but also aided him in the search for the solution. In 2013, Mahendra Garodiya left his classes to his student and went to live in an ashram for one year with his wife and two children, to search for his purpose in life. 
There he had three revelations which set him on his path. After some deep thought and meditation he decided on a purpose, He wanted to make India the Health Wealth and Happiness capital of the world. This was a purpose which could get him out of his bed and on his feet every single day for the whole of his life - The First Revelation.
As chanakya says “Sukhasya Mulam Dharma”. Chanakya says that to be happy in life one must follow their dharma, that is use their skills to help the world in the way god has intended them to, to be the tool of the lord to fulfill one’s purpose.
Now that his purpose was clear all that was left was figuring out how to get there. Education could be the way, but whom to educate so that the work could be spread most effectively, what should be the target group. World Governments? Too Inaccessible, Common Public? Very Spread Out. Businessmen! Aha! and this was the second revelation. A Businessmen operating on a small to medium scale influences the life of at least 40-50 people. SME’s are the lifeline of the economy. Mahendra Garodiya sees the Country as a body and if the brain was the government, the hands were the army, the feet were the workers and professionals, the stomach would be businessmen. Help Business Grow, Help India Grow - The Second Revelation. 
Chanakya says “Dharmasya Mulam Artha, Arthasya Mulam Rajya”. Chanakya explains that Economic stability is necessary to back up one’s dharma and earning artha is best done through a proper system (rajya) like structured and successful businesses today.
He researched every single western management book he could get his hands on and the search to build a comprehensive model was still nowhere near what he wanted. Mahendra Garodiya was and is a man of utmost simplicity, his favorite act being reducing heavy complicated matters to simple and understandable models, and despite all his work, he could not seem to build something like that. He had obtained the knowledge and lessons of renowned institutes and even obtained an ICF - International Coach Federation Certificate, and he still was deep in research. In March of 2014 while gazing in the distant stars, Mahendra Garodiya could only wonder about how he could make such a model and it was there, right in that moment that it came to him - The Third Revelation. Ask him even today and all he will say is that it was a gift from God. T.I.M.E - Think, Ink, Map and Execute, the comprehensive model he had been searching, right here, right in front of him. Simple, Sweet, Easy to Implement, a gift and revelation which he could only marvel at and speculate how he received it.
From these three revelations Mahendra Garodiya proceeded to write his first book - What's Stopping your Growth. And in the summer of 2014 Mahendra Garodiya set out on his path as a Business Coach to bring Health Wealth and Happiness to his home, his country and his people. And one year along his journey is where Mahendra Garodiya once again encountered a past inspiration. In the March of 2015, Mahendra Garodiya was reunited with Chanakya. A chance encounter with R.K Pillai, the author of corporate chanakya made him think back to his roots and find the things he had been searching in western management and business principles, in such a beautiful system. Chanakya always inspired him, the story of an acharya who made an empire that lasted for more than a thousand years. Dwelving further into this newfound pool of knowledge it dawned upon him that Anvikshiki - Thinking, Trai - Organizing (Inking), Varta - Communication (Mapping), Danda- Niti - System and Policies (Executing). T.I.M.E blended into chanakya’s principles seamlessly, its almost certain that the concept was a manifestation of it. He shifted the focus of his further research closer to home in the glory days of bharat and Sone Ki Chidiya - where he found profound pearls of wisdom in Chanakya Arthshastra, Ramayan, Mahabharata, Upanishads, Rigveda and many more scriptures. He changed his whole model, completely basing it on the ancient Indian principles. In August of 2015 Mahendra Garodiya published his second book, Chanakya Business Sutras. 
As Chanakya Says “Mantra Mulam Sarvaarambha, Mantra visarvi karyam naashati, Mantra sampada Rajyam vartate" He found out the rare jewel of the model of Sapt-anga to coach businessmen on the basis of TIME( Anvikshiki, Trai, Varta, Danda-Niti). The seven parts of the saptanga are “Swami, Amatya, Janpada, Durga, Kosha, Danda, Mitra iti Prakriti". 
This model finds its mention in the Ramayana as well as Mahabharata and is as relevant and fresh today as it was then. It was adapted by Rama, Yudhistira, Shivaji  as well as Modern Corporates who apply it today.
He observed, that the organization was made to have a common goal, as specified by the principle, but the family was usually considered a separate unit or outside of the business. Despite such a huge proportion of businesses around the world and especially in India being family businesses, there was a lack of inclusion of the family in the direct learning and implementation process. The Inspiration for this came to him from his own personal life, as he and his wife (ardhangini) have been equal partners and worked together throughout their marriage and even the kids were enrolled into the family vision from their age of maturity.
Chanakya gives many ways and strategies to make money, but there is only one mention of how to keep growing wealth and prosperity in a sustainable manner, that is where the husband and wife do not quarrel. “Dampatye kalaho nasti, tatra shree svayamaagataha”. 
Mahendra Garodiya dedicated himself solely to making sure that the teachings of Chanakya and Ancient Bhartiya Wisdom worked miraculous results in Businesses. If there was ever any doubt of that fact, it is now established beyond doubt that the superiority of Indian Management and Business Principles are the most superior in the world. Mahendra Garodiya often compares MBA to MBS. He sees this syllabus as a future to MBA, or rather a restoration of the past. Todays Indian Education System is reminiscent of the Clerical Education System imposed on our country by the British Raj, the same system that led to the ultimate downfall of the backbone of our country, its gurukul education system. Mahendra Garodiya wishes to revive it and bring India back to its original glory, through businesses and business families. The lifetime Vision of his is to Make India the Health, Wealth and Happiness Capital of the World.